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February 16, 2021. It’s important to show off your food through photos, whether you’re educating stakeholders on what your program does or sharing what you’re serving on social media, newsletters, etc.

Check out these tips to take great photos of your food, and you can even print and hang it in your cafeteria for your team to see daily. We can’t wait to see your food photos on your social media accounts!

January 15, 2021. A traditional thank you note has a bigger impact thank you may think. And this update comes with a new freebie!

December 31, 2020. Have you seen all that the Celebrate Your Success program has to offer? Check out the highlights and scroll down in case you missed anything!

November 30, 2020. 4 ways to stay positive when you’re just plain TIRED.

November 10, 2020. A “Meet Our Team” series to help celebrate each of YOU. (And inspired by a member of your own team, Kelly Blevins of White Knoll High School! Check out the video for a shout-out and example of how Kelly is already using this campaign.)

To request a Meet the Team Campaign for your cafeteria, just email arianne@sealevelsocial.com and tell her if you prefer:

  • A printed flyer that you will write in the fun facts about your teammates and you will add their picture to it, or
  • If you want to send her pictures of your teammates with fun facts, do it at http://galarson.com, she can create them for you! Just please note if you want this to be a flyer and/or a graphic for Facebook.

Here is an example from Laurens County School District 56 Child Nutrition:

October 30, 2020. Tips to celebrate your teammates.

October 8, 2020. A one minute video with the health benefits of positive thinking.

September 17, 2020. Sharing your positivity with others and showing off your smile behind your mask.

If you would like buttons like this for your team, just email Liz Roesel with the quantity that you need and the address to ship them to, and we will send them to you for free!

Credit: Keshia Williams, Coweta County School Nutrition (GA)

September 2, 2020. Setting the foundation for a successful year.

Download PDF: Motivational flyer for your kitchen.

Download PDF: Celebrate Your Success printable notes.

Watch the Keynote from August 2020: