Hello, and welcome to SEA Level Social!

I’m Liz Roesel and I’m so thankful that you stopped by to visit us. Truly – thank you!

I’ve worked with school nutrition departments since 2011 and quite honestly, could not imagine serving a more dynamic, passionate and supportive group of individuals. I previously worked for k-12 technology vendors and am very excited to serve school nutrition professionals through SEA Level Social. Here, I am able to merge two things I am most passionate about – marketing and school nutrition.

You’ll find that we at SEA Level Social absolutely love shining a spotlight on your team, your food and your program. My most favorite projects have been ones where I could share school nutrition success stories to inspire and educate others. If you’ve listened to one of the two school nutrition podcasts I hosted or you attended a webinar or School Nutrition Association education session I taught, you’ll find this to be true. So if you have a story to share, please – let me know! Together, let’s share all of the good that school nutrition programs are doing across the country.

I hope you find our site to be filled with useful resources to market your programs, because everyone (and I mean everyone!) should know what “lunchladies” and “food dudes” do everyday to serve our children. Let us help you share the innovative ways you’re battling food insecurity, childhood obesity and all-around making children happier and setting them up for success – and all during a pandemic. Because you’re more than “lunchladies,” you’re school lunch (and breakfast and after school and supper program) heroes!

Hi, I’m Arianne, SEA Level Social’s Director of Content and Strategy.

I am a marketer who is passionate about creating a community on social media platforms. I have been nerding-out on marketing for over five years!

I believe in connecting with people through eye catching content, engaging captions and creating an online presence you and your district will be proud of.

Moving from a bustling city like Fort Lauderdale, FL to the rural mountains of North Carolina (where there were more cows than student) has equipped me with the ability to connect with people from all different lifestyles. After graduating high school, I moved to Raleigh, NC where I thought I would give the “city life” a shot. I didn’t stop there when exploring all of what North Carolina had to offer. I transferred to the University of North Carolina-Wilmington to pursue my passion in marketing. When many students were catching a wave on the North Carolina coast, I was networking with Wilmington’s young professionals and reading any marketing books I can get my hands on.

SEA Level Social is committed to combining the story-telling of marketing and the relationships that school nutrition experts have with their students. Let us celebrate your accomplishments and share your stories with your community!

Have a school nutrition story to share? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and let me know – I’d love to feature your nutrition program on our pages!

Hi, I’m Maddie, SEA Level Social’s Marketing Manager.

I am from New Jersey and moved to North Carolina to attend UNC-Wilmington. I graduated with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing Strategy, and am currently pursuing my MBA at UNCW for International Marketing.

Working for SEA Level Social has been my greatest achievement so far. Liz and Arianne have helped me grow professionally, creatively, and intellectually. It is so rewarding and humbling to work for a company that strives for a positive change. I love marketing school nutrition in fun, creative ways to educate parents and attract students. Every time I get the opportunity to visit a school and see all the hard work that goes into making sure all children are fed, I know I am exactly where I want to be. I feel beyond blessed to work for SEA Level Social and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us!

Hi, I’m Jake, Marketing Assistant at SEA Level Social.

For years I have been fascinated with the world of marketing! My first job in high school was as a marketing intern for two years and after a wonderful experience it was time for me to move on to something more grand, and that is where SEA Level Social came in. The opportunity to help school districts while learning so much about marketing is an opportunity I am beyond excited to have. I have already learned so much in my short time at SEA Level Social, and I plan on learning so much more over as we help nutrition departments serve more students.

Hi, I’m Natalie, Marketing Assistant at SEA Level Social.

I am a Junior at UNC-Wilmington majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Digital Arts. I have always been interested in art, especially graphic design. I have attended camps and taken classes in design, but haven’t had the opportunity to put it to use in a way that helps others until working at SEA Level Social. Working here has allowed me to use my creativity to help market school nutrition programs in an engaging way for students, parents and teachers. I am beyond thankful for the opportunities I have already been given working here and am excited to be a part of this amazing team!

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