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Liz and Arianne’s Top 5 Goals for 2020

Liz Roesel and Arianne Hurtado are ready to conquer their goals and in turn, help school nutrition programs do the same.

Since launching SEA Level Social just a few months ago, Liz Roesel and Arianne Hurtado have been strategizing for 2020. How we could creatively and effectively serve school nutrition professionals and help them promote their program and feed more students. After so many conference calls and Google Hangout, and an all-out Chinese food takeout fueled brainstorming session, we have prepared some exciting campaigns for this upcoming year.

With that, we’d love to share our personal goals for SEA Level Social and we hope you’ll share your goals in the comment section, because it will help us better serve you in 2020 and beyond!

Liz’s Top 5 Goals for 2020:

  1. Host five new marketing webinars. I want to make it easy and inexpensive for you to not only market your program but also earn CEU credits for your SNA Certification.
  2. Provide trackable, monetary results for our clients. Through our partnership with NxtGen Innovators, we helped Sarasota County Schools decrease expired free and reduced status students by 35% the prior year! So, I think my goal of increasing our client’s free and reduced statuses or breakfast participation by at least 5% is completely feasible.
  3. Have the most successful ANC yet! This will be a tough one, because last year’s School Nutrition Association Annual National Conference was the most fun and eventful one yet, co-presenting a precon with Stefanie Dove of Loudon County Public Schools and hosting two sessions myself. But if any ANC has a chance to top St. Louis, it would be Nashville! Christine Clarahan of School City of Hammond and I will be teaching “Free Digital Tools to Bring Your Marketing to Life” as a precon, I’ll be hosting a brand new session, “Don’t Feed the Trolls: Managing Negativity in the Comment Section,” and it will be Arianne’s first ANC. I can’t wait to introduce her to the biggest SNA event of the year!
  4. Support my home state’s Association. I’m honored to be a member of the School Nutrition Association of North Carolina’s Marketing Committee, currently chaired by Kristen Bealler of Hickory County Schools. I look forward to quite a few road trips in my home state in 2020, supporting the association’s members and increasing membership.
  5. Speaking of SNA membership… SEA Level Social is a member and active supporter of the School Nutrition Association. As a member of the SNA Membership Committee, I’m eager to implement some of the creative ideas shared during Fall Committee Days in October.

Arianne’s Top 5 Goals for 2020:

  1. Create 50 custom lunch tray graphics to help districts promote their programs. We are off to a great start with our custom lunch trays, but I am very excited to design a lot more! We will create one free per school district, and one per month for SEA Level Social clients. 
  2. Attend and learn at Social Media Marketing World 2020. Ashley Summers of Lexington School District One, Liz and I will be attending the largest social media conference in the country this spring. I can’t wait to learn the latest marketing strategies and bring them back to school nutrition!
  3. Discover new ways to promote school nutrition programs. I look forward to expanding school nutrition marketing past just students and parents, but to the general public as well, and meeting influencers in the industry will be key to help me in doing so.
  4. Improve my public speaking skills. New Year’s Resolutions are about bettering ourselves, and as an introvert, I can recognize that my public speaking skills could use some help. ?
  5. Say “Yes” to more opportunities! It is very easy for me to fall into my comfort zone, but in 2020, I will challenge myself to say take on new opportunities that will help me grow and push the boundaries.

Cheers to an exciting 2020 for you, your staff, students and partners!

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