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Virtual Keynote and Back to School Program with Liz Roesel

With so many unknowns and constant changes, the need for a positive mindset and a cohesive team has never been more important. Celebrating your own and each others’ successes – not matter how large or small – is key in building a team that’s ready to tackle the 2020-2021 School Year.

Liz Roesel’s virtual keynote will prepare your team with an understanding, but most importantly the tools, to celebrate each other’s “wins” and in turn, ensure your team will keep a positive outlook throughout the entire school year.

It’s simple and customizable. The Premiere Package includes: a live, one hour virtual keynote, a monthly video series for your entire staff, and digital and print-ready collateral branded for your program to help your team continue celebrating their successes the entire school year. That’s a live presentation that earns your staff a CEU credit hour, monthly videos and branded collateral that will last you the entire year.

Additionally, we will fully coordinate Mastermind Meetings for your staff. What are these? They are monthly video or conference calls in which 6-8 members of your staff will share their operational successes, as well as bring their challenges to the group for feedback. This will further build a cohesive team of creative problem solvers that are invested in each other’s success.

Contact Liz Roesel directly to get started at The sooner you book, the more flexibility you’ll have in scheduling. We look forward to helping your team thrive in the coming school year!

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