Social Media

Save Precious Time with our Marketing Collateral Design Packages

Now more than ever, your time is limited and communication is imperative. You shouldn’t have to spend your time creating flyers, menus or graphics for your digital signage. Let us handle that for you with our cost efficient packages! How it works: You request pieces via an online form. Collateral is completely branded for your […]

Giving Back

Liz and Arianne’s Top 5 Goals for 2020

Since launching SEA Level Social just a few months ago, Liz Roesel and Arianne Hurtado have been strategizing for 2020. How we could creatively and effectively serve school nutrition professionals and help them promote their program and feed more students. After so many conference calls and Google Hangout, and an all-out Chinese food takeout fueled […]

Marketing Strategy

Creating Marketing Messages that Drive Participation: Applying an Ad Ratings Study to School Nutrition

When you’re marketing your program, I don’t want you to feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall. Time is precious, so let’s make sure that the time you spend marketing your program is. And to help us strategize your marketing plan, we’ll turn to a recent study by System1 and shared by the American […]