District 56 Child Nutrition, let’s Celebrate Your Success!

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June 30, 2021. I hope you’re enjoying a break this summer. Here are some tips to keep celebrating your successes into the next school year. Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate you and your team’s successes this year!

April 26, 2021. Celebrate School Lunch Hero Day! Here are some tips, as well as a custom comic book coloring page for your program.

March 31, 2021. Tips for celebrating your teammates!

February 26, 2021. A journal page to celebrate yourself, start the day out on a positive note, and end it with a grateful heart.

Access the District 56 Child Nutrition gratitude journal page here.

February 16, 2021. It’s important to show off your food through photos, whether you’re educating stakeholders on what your program does or sharing what you’re serving on social media, newsletters, etc.

Check out these tips to take great photos of your food, and you can even print and hang it in your cafeteria for your team to see daily. We can’t wait to feature your photos on your social media pages!

January 15, 2021. A traditional thank you note has a bigger impact thank you may think. And this update comes with a new freebie!

December 31, 2020. Sharing your positivity what the right water pressure for your home is and with others and showing off your smile behind your mask.

If you would like buttons like this for your team, just email Liz Roesel with the quantity that you need and the address to ship them to, and we will send them to you for free!

November 30, 2020. Your team members, community, and school nutrition professionals from across the country are celebrating your successes this past month.

Download PDF: Celebrate Your Success printable notes.

October 30, 2020. Celebrate Your Success, District 56!