It is extremely important to us that not only all nutrition programs, but every individual school nutrition professional, lunchlady, food dude and advocate can effectively, accurately and confidently explain why meals may not be free at their district in the new school year.

So we invite you to right click, save and share the message that speaks best to you and your program and SHARE with your family, friends and social media audiences. And if you frequently speak to parents, students and community members about this, memorize these talking points so that you can answer their questions!


Thank you to Misha Lawyer of KCSD Nutrition Services, Stephanie Dillard of Enterprise City Schools Child Nutrition Program and Andrew Mendez of Kenston Schools for helping us craft these very important PSA’s. We appreciate your expertise and collaboration!

Share this graphic with the link to your online applications to increase meal benefit participation. If you’re familiar with Canva, use this template to customize the graphic. Remember, Canva has a handy QR Code tool now too!

Caption template: Parents, we have enjoyed serving all of our students breakfast and lunch at no cost this year, but we are awaiting guidance from the USDA, which may not allow us to serve free meals to all students in the 2022-2023 School Year. It is imperative that you fill out our free and reduced meal application for your family! You can easily complete the application at our website: [link]

Use these flyers to help speed up your lunchline!

What Makes a Breakfast

What Makes a Lunch

Use this message to proactively notify parents that there will be menu changes and substitutions throughout the school year. Ask the district to share this on social media, and if your program has social media accounts of your own, ask your audience to stay tuned to social media for menu updates.

Are you hiring? Use this eye-catching graphic on social media and be sure to put all the details and link to where they apply in the caption.

And in case you missed it, check out Liz Roesel and Joe Pettit’s webinar on attracting talent using Facebook Ads. You can watch it on demand here and earn 1 CEU credit hour!

NEW! Summer Meals Infographic

Educate parents and stakeholders that summer meals are for ALL children and it not only helps support your program, but helps ensure their students are set for academic success. Right-click and save this infographic to share on social media and your website. Source.

Holiday and Seasonal Notes for Your Curbside Meal Bags

Want to spread a little holiday cheer in your students’ meal bags? Print, cut and insert these into their bags to celebrate the season while reminding them to eat their fruits and veggies!

NEW! Happy Summer printable inserts. You can also download and post these graphics to your social media: Squeeze the Day, Melting For, Impopsicle, Cereal-ously Great.

Download these Valentine’s Day inserts.

Download our Happy Holidays inserts.

Custom Lunch Tray Graphic

Fill out this simple form to tell us what amazing things you’re doing at your district, and we will make it into an eye-catching lunch tray graphic!

One free custom lunch tray graphic per school district. SEA Level Social clients receive one custom graphic per month!

Custom Google Map of Your Serving Sites

We will plot your serving sites or bus routes into a professional, easy-to-read Google Map. This makes it easy for you to promote your serving sites and parents to find them. (Here is the map we made for Laurens School District 55 as an example.) Click here to request a map.

One free map per school district with unlimited edits as needed.

Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets

Insert a coloring page into your meal bags to let students know that you miss them and remind them to eat their fruits and veggies! Click here to download it.

The Gifs that Keep on Giving

Bring your Instagram and Facebook Stories to life with school nutrition gifs, including one that specifically says “Serving Sites.” Just search “school nutrition” in the Gifs section of Instagram or Facebook Stories.

Facebook Frames

Let your friends and family know that #schoolnutritiondoesntstop with a Facebook Frame. From Facebook, click on your profile picture, click “Add Frame,” and search “school nutrition” to find our school nutrition and School Lunch Hero Day Facebook Frames.

Custom Survey

Do you need a survey for delivery orders, gauge parent interest or gather other valuable information? Let us know what information you’d like to gather and we will create a survey for you. Click here to request a survey.

One free survey per district, with full access to responses. SEA Level Social clients receive unlimited surveys!

Breakfast Benefits Marketing Kit

You know the benefits of school breakfast, but do your stakeholders? Tell parents, students, colleagues and your community about the benefits of school breakfast with our Breakfast Benefits Marketing Kit.

Click here to fill out a quick form and download social media and online graphics aimed to help you increase breakfast participation.