Custom Lunch Tray Graphic

Fill out this simple form to tell us what amazing things you’re doing at your district, and we will make it into an eye-catching lunch tray graphic!

One free custom lunch tray graphic per school district. SEA Level Social clients receive one custom graphic per month!

Custom Google Map of Your Serving Sites

We will plot your serving sites or bus routes into a professional, easy-to-read Google Map. This makes it easy for you to promote your serving sites and parents to find them. (Here is the map we made for Laurens School District 55 as an example.) Click here to request a map.

One free map per school district with unlimited edits as needed.

Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets

Insert a coloring page into your meal bags to let students know that you miss them and remind them to eat their fruits and veggies! Click here to download it.

The Gifs that Keep on Giving

Bring your Instagram and Facebook Stories to life with school nutrition gifs, including one that specifically says “Serving Sites.” Just search “school nutrition” in the Gifs section of Instagram or Facebook Stories.

Facebook Frames

Let your friends and family know that #schoolnutritiondoesntstop with a Facebook Frame. From Facebook, click your profile picture, click “Add Frame,” and search “school nutrition” to find our school nutrition and School Lunch Hero Day Facebook Frames.

Custom Survey

Do you need a survey for delivery orders, gauge parent interest or gather other valuable information? Let us know what information you’d like to gather and we will create a survey for you. Click here to request a survey.

One free survey per district, with full access to responses. SEA Level Social clients receive unlimited surveys!

Breakfast Benefits Marketing Kit

You know the benefits of school breakfast, but do your stakeholders? Tell parents, students, colleagues and your community about the benefits of school breakfast with our Breakfast Benefits Marketing Kit.

Click here to fill out a quick form and download social media and online graphics aimed to help you increase breakfast participation.