Exclusive, One-Day School Nutrition Marketing Workshop in Greenville, SC

By limiting our School Nutrition Marketing Workshop to 25 people, we can offer an in-person, collaborative and fun event safely.

What will the workshop look like? A packed day with 5 education sessions, 2 roundtable/brainstorming sessions, hands-on assistance for your social media questions, and breakfast, lunch and a snack for the drive home. We are confident that you will especially find value in the collaboration of the roundtable and brainstorming sessions, because we will solve or provide guidance to tackle your individual marketing hurdles. 

What about COVID concerns? We will ensure ample space to allow for social distancing, ask that you wear a mask if you are able, and provide lots of hand sanitizer on site! But due to our need to accommodate social distancing, we require that you reserve your seat by Thursday, February 18, 2021

What can you expect to learn? Session topics include: “Ideas for Marketing and Promotions,” “Food Photography Tips and Tricks,” “Instagram for Beginners and Experts,” “Proven Strategies to Reach More People On Social Media,” “Handling Trolls and Negativity in the Comment Section,” and “Strategic Marketing that is NOT on Social Media.”

What is the cost? The entire workshop and meals is only $200 for the first person and $125 for each additional attendee from your district. (A $450/person value.) You will earn a minimum of 3 CEU credit hours.

What makes this workshop so special? There hasn’t been a hands-on marketing and social media workshop like this specifically for school nutrition anywhere – ever! We don’t believe in teaching broad, complicated marketing concepts. We deliver actionable takeaways that you can implement the minute you get back to your district so that you can see an increase in participation immediately. Not to mention our unique experience and expertise is coupled with proven marketing strategies to increase participation.

Where will the workshop be? It will be in downtown Greenville, SC on March 8, 2021 from 8:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. We hope that by offering it within two hours or less of a drive from you, this is cost and time efficient for you! 

Is this for beginners or advanced marketers? Any level of school nutrition professional will find value in this workshop because we will show you basic-intermediate marketing tactics amplified with strategic, but extremely simple marketing strategies. We guarantee you will find this an extremely valuable use of your time. 

Who is teaching the workshop? Liz Roesel has nearly a decade of experience working with school nutrition professionals and has taught at multiple state SNA conferences as well as ANC 2019. She launched SEA Level Social to merge her passion for school nutrition and marketing. Arianne Branch is our Marketing Strategist that keeps her finger on the pulse of the latest marketing trends to ensure they are delivered to our clients and the school nutrition industry as a whole. Together, we will challenge you without overwhelming you and equip you with an overflowing toolkit of ideas and tactics to take back to your district and start feeding more children immediately. Learn more about us on our website.

There is absolutely no commitment required at this time; this just helps us with planning. Or contact Liz Roesel directly at liz@sealevelsocial.com if you have any questions.